My workday began when the telephone broke the silence…

I picked up the handset, and heard the voice of a gruff sounding man on the other end. He wanted the number for the local adult probation office. Is there a juvenile probation office? I don’t know. Anyway, I found the number and provided it posthaste. The guy thanked me profusely. I wonder what he was in for? A few hours later, I got the following call:

Female Patron: Hello, I’d like to renew some books

Me: No problem, do you have your library card?

Patron: Sure

Me: Read me the number off the barcode

Patron: The number is XYZPDQ…

Me: You have two items out, they were both due on 3/20… Would you like me to renew them?

Patron: Sure

Me: Their new due date is 3/6

Patron: 3/6! that’s before 3/20? Wait, 3/20 is next month!

Me: Yes it is… I’m getting ahead of myself. I’ll change them both back to the original date

Patron: They’re both due on 3/20?

Me: Yes

Patron: The two of them are due on 3/20?

Me: Yep, both are due on the same date, 3/20

Patron: Really?

Me: Really

Patron: Both are due on that date? Someone told me when I was checking them out that one was due before the other.

Me: According to the system, both items have the same due date

Patron: Both are due on 3/20?

Me: Yes, both! The two items you have out on that card are both due on 3/20…

I placed the telephone back in its cradle hoping the day would get better; much better. It didn’t.


~ by Woeful on February 27, 2007.

One Response to “Renew”

  1. Oh boy, do I sympathize with you! Working in a public library, most assume that we have it easy. That all of our patrons are smart, bookish, and quiet. Apparently those assumers have never step foot in a library. Great blog, I’ll definitely keep reading!


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