Prepare to Be ASSimilated

I hate it when people come into the Library wearing Bluetooth headsets, walking around talking into thin air, gesturing, not paying attention to what’s happening around them in the here and now. It’s difficult enough to conduct a reference interview when patrons aren’t distracted by cyborg devices… Getting people to tell you what they really want isn’t easy, even under the best of conditions.

… We are not The Borg, resistance isn’t futile.


~ by Woeful on February 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Prepare to Be ASSimilated”

  1. I work in retail, so I know the feeling. I can’t imagine what that experience of not knowing for sure if they are talking to you or to the person in their ear must be like in a library. It’s bad enough when you’re trying to provide at the very least decent service and they say something arbitrary and confuse the hell out of you. These are the advances in technology that could have been skipped. Excellent title as well!

  2. I think Bluetooth is a good thing (in your car, or office, or home). Sadly, many people have no social skills to begin with, throw in new technologies that have no accepted customs regarding social integration and we have today’s sad state of affairs regarding Bluetooth, text messaging, cell phones in general, and don’t even get me started about BlackBerry use! Work to live people.

  3. Snow Days = Wonderful Winter Hat Days.

    Can you please describe some of the more unusual winter hats you see roll into the library today?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. I got nothin’ for ya’ today. It was dead slow for the most part.

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