Dead Things

Today, a guy called the Library just to tell us that a deer is dead in the road nowhere near the Library.


~ by Woeful on February 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Dead Things”

  1. Did you ask how big it was and if he took it home. If it were fresh, the caller might have been offering it up as free vittles.

    Do people use the library parking lot as a dumpster? I’m wondering if it might be a good place for me to leave a pile of sticks I have in the backyard.

  2. First, what would possess someone to call the library to say that a deer carcass is in the street? Maybe if it was in our parking lot, but definitely not on the other side of Town. We gave the guy the number for the sanitation department. Personally, I thought we should have provided a list of loan suggestions such as: Discovering Deer, the Deer Burger Cookbook, and Bambi (you know… for the kids).

  3. Deer Bambi,

    I am terribly sorry you died not out front of the public library. What a tragic end to a life that started with your mother shot. To be honest, though, you were a little dull and we only really dug the Disney movie because of Thumper.

    Sorry, but there it is.


    Just found your twisted little world now. I’m liking the spiral staircases and the fact the wine bottles are never far from something to open them with…

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