Web 2.0… The Machine is Us/ing Us

I know that this isn’t a “usual” post for me, but I’m so blown away by this video I thought I would share it with everyone. It illustrates how the, “social web” (Web 2.0) is changing the world. We have entered into a unique, voluntary social experiment that will define our existence for generations to come. I see the vast potential of Web 2.0 (social networking, bookmarking, tagging, wikis, blogs, videos, RSS, mashups, etc…), of consumers being coincidental contributors to the “machine.” However, I’m apprehensive about how we will gauge the credibility, and validity of information in the future we’re creating. I’m also concerned about the privacy issues that exposing and sharing our favorite everything with everyone creates. Clearly, there is a phenomenal potential for abuse by the powers that be here. Who doesn’t think that the FBI is already compiling a database of our del.icio.us bookmarks, LibraryThing collections, and Wikipedia edits?

… I’ll probably be the first one Big Brother takes away.


~ by Woeful on February 21, 2007.

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