Restroom Lit

I didn’t think that I would have anything to post today, however, a reader has asked me to elaborate on any problems that my Library might have regarding reading materials in the restrooms. Oddly enough, this is one problem that we don’t have. Sure, on occasion we might find some reading material in the stalls, but this is the exception not the norm.

What really skeeves me out, however, is when a vagrant asks if he can borrow scissors, and then heads directly into the restroom with them, only to return 20min. later to hand them back to me… What the F&@k? Keep em’ you vile wretch!

~ by Woeful on February 19, 2007.

3 Responses to “Restroom Lit”

  1. I willing to bet that he was triming his toe nails!

  2. I prefer not to think about it… I know that the vagrants shave in the bathroom, because we sometimes see hair in the sink.

  3. NO way!


    perhaps he was cutting out paper dolls?

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