Debbie Gibson

I’ve been saving this story for several weeks. I figured that I could use it at a time when I have nothing else to give you… Like over this long weekend. We have this guy come in regularly (not often) who always requests pictures of, and contact information for female celebrities and nothing else. Often, he’s looking for pictures of female entertainers who were celebrities but who are no longer celebrities such as obscure 70’s soap actresses, and B-movie stars from the 80’s, etc… Anyway, on this particular day, he’s got a burning desire for any and all images of Deborah Anne Gibson.

Now, when we see this guy coming we know that we’re going to wind up spending at least 30min. with him searching for exactly the images that strike his fancy. Normally, we have a 10min. per patron time limit, because of the volume of traffic we encounter, and the lack of staff we have providing assistance. This guy will not be hindered. He’ll stretch the time, he’ll come back later and get another reference librarian to help him, and he won’t leave you alone until he gets exactly what he’s after. He will request 100 images if he can get you to search for them! Therefore, we now follow the path of least resistance, meaning Google Image Search, and we set a limit of about five images that we will print. These amounts are about all that can be done within our 10min. window anyway, falling within our policy guidelines.

So, I’m searching for images of pop princess Debbie Gibson and he’s not thrilled with any of the results that Google is returning. As the time goes by, he grows more and more agitated having me go from page to page until he sees a thumbnail of some naked woman and immediately wants me to print it. I explain that that particular image does NOT depict Deborah Ann Gibson. The pervert immediately gets bummed. He begins giving me suggestions for search strings, that I’ve already tried, and nothing works.

He then loudly blurts out (stuttering), “I want naked pictures of Deborah Ann Gibson!” He explains that what he really wants, are images from a shoot that she did for Playboy for a recent album called, “Naked” and that’s what he’s really after. I search and search and can’t find any “naked” images of Deborah Anne Gibson, he’s watching me the whole time becoming more and more distraught and repeating over and over again that he wants these pictures of her. I find the album cover, but that’s it. I don’t bother explaining that it’s against City policy for me to print naked images of people (again the path of least resistance). However, we are now walking a fine line regarding policy, since there might be some publicity photos of her semi-naked that are acceptable for me to print. People are beginning to look.

20 minutes later, I’ve had about all I can take, so I say that he can plainly see what images are available of Deborah Ann Gibson. I ask him if he sees anything he wants me to print, and that I have a backlog of other work to do. I print out a few clothed pictures of her and send him on his way, then I take a break. When I return, I see that he has had another coworker pick-up right where I left off. Much to his dismay, my coworker never found any “naked” images of Deborah Ann Gibson either…

He left in a very dissatisfied state, probably bummed that he was only able to obtain clothed images of Debbie Gibson to spank off to.


~ by Woeful on February 18, 2007.

6 Responses to “Debbie Gibson”

  1. Granted he may be a perv but this may be his only outlet.

  2. I think it’s safe to say that he has, “issues.” From the way he speaks and acts he is obviously, “challenged” in some way. I’m sure that this is his only outlet, however, I would prefer not being that closely involved with his deal… I wish that he would just sign-in to use the Internet like all the other perverts.

  3. Do you have a problem with people bringing reading materials in the bathroom at the library? People do that at work all the time. There are stacks of papers and magazines in there.

  4. […] picked that up at Librarian Woes. If you visit Woeful, be sure and read her post Debbie Gibson about the pervo guy who makes librarians help him hunt up naked celebrity photos on the library […]

  5. Interesting blog…
    Creepy guy…

  6. Ungh. Creepy.

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