Don’t Worry, It’s Not AIDS…

Words you never want to hear as a librarian (or anything else).

I was helping a person with genealogical research, long distance over the telephone, when a guy approached me and said, “I have a question, first don’t worry, it’s not AIDS or anything but I have a virus. I’m pursuing herbal remedies, but nothing seems to work. There is some kind of treatment from Australia or something that I want to try. I’m not sure what it is, it sounds like… You wouldn’t happen to have any ideas what it is, would you?”


I finish culling books on local cemeteries for the guy on the horn, and pawn Virus Guy off on another staff member who isn’t already preoccupied with a serious research question. A staff member, who just so happens to be our resident expert on medicine… Lucky her.

I finish with my genealogy question and Virus Guy walks by, so I ask, “Did you find what you were looking for?” He responds, “Yeah, she knew exactly what it is! She kinda’ flinched though when I was telling her.”

(… Where is my hand sanitizer?) I smile and say, “Good luck with that!”


~ by Woeful on February 12, 2007.

One Response to “Don’t Worry, It’s Not AIDS…”

  1. I’m late on this (just read it on library_mofo), but did you ask your co-worker just exactly WHAT it was? (I guess this was the beginning of Virus Guy? and ironically, you just posted last week about the “end…”) 🙂

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