A High, “Nut to Normal Ratio”

I’m sitting here drinking a glass of single-malt scotch.

When I arrived for work today, I nearly didn’t get a spot in the parking lot because it was so full. After a short wait, I finally did get a spot but only because a coworker was leaving for lunch. I parked my car, went inside, and asked another coworker if it was as busy as it looks to be from the outside. He told me that it wasn’t the volume so much as a, “High nut to normal ratio.” This is nicely illustrated by two things:

  1. An old, “stalker” of mine from when I worked at another library has followed me to my new digs. She called today. She calls every so often needing help with something that requires personal attention from me. Luckily, the last few times she called I was unavailable and someone else was stuck helping her. Normally, someone asking for me personally would be flattering. It shows that the service I provide is sought after, and patron relationships are being built. However, this particular patron isn’t normal. She’s paranoid! When I first began my career, she would frequently come in needing help with something… Help from anyone but me. She would tell the staff stuff like, I was staring at her — NOT! She wishes. Anyway, about half-way through my tenure there I became the only person who could help her. No one else would do. One day I was persona non grata, the next I was her saviour. She’s nuts… And she’s back.
  2. The guy who came out of the restroom demanding soap. I missed this little episode, as I was doing things that needed to be done behind the scenes to keep the Library running smoothly. When I came out for a shift change, the same coworker who made the “nut to normal” comment told me that while he was sitting at the reference desk, a guy came out of the men’s room saying, “I need the soap! There isn’t any soap! I need the soap!” He asked my coworker to get soap. My coworker responded that he would let the custodian know that the soap needed to be refilled. The man persisted, so my coworker responded that he didn’t have any soap at the reference desk. At this point, the guy immediately turned and entered the Ladie’s Room… Presumably to get soap. He must have been really dirty.

Couple this with Stuck-Out-Of-Time Man gimping around the building, and you have a real freak show.


~ by Woeful on February 7, 2007.

One Response to “A High, “Nut to Normal Ratio””

  1. “nut to normal ratio” – I love it!

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