Strange Days…

The Library has been a strange place lately, and by that I mean that there has been an unusual amount of normality. It makes me wonder what I’m in store for when the fit actually hits the shan… Today began slow and steady. At the reference desk, we answered a leisurely 14 questions the first hour, however, there was a steady increase in activity until we hit a crescendo from 4:00 to 5:00PM with 43 questions. This rounded out the final hour of my day with a bit of pandemonium. Somewhere in there, a woman approached and handed me a book with a bright pink band wrapped around it. We use these bands to indicate that the item is an interlibrary loan (ILL) and, subsequently, should not be shelved. The following transaction transpired:

Me: A return?

Her: Yes, I’d like another one.

Me (Waiting for a response… Another one?):

Me (…Looking at the book): Was this a book club book? Would you like the next book club book?

Her: No.

Me (Waiting for a response again… I’m beginning to think that maybe she would like me to choose something randomly for her to read… Something we don’t own.):

Her: I’d like the next one in the series.

Me (Eureka!): Okay, do you know the title of the volume that you want?

Her: Yes, it’s called…

So, I gathered her name and number, and ordered the book, and told her that we would call her when it arrived. She thanked me and I replied, “Have a good night” and sent her on her way.

This transaction could have been worse, much worse. Although she had a shaky start, she saved it in the end. I thought that I was going to end my day with that patron who is looking for the proverbial, “book with the blue cover.” The patron who has no idea of the title or the author, but will tell you about the book’s approximate size, weight and hue expecting the librarian to be able to discern the title in question like some kind of mentat from the thousands that meet the description. I totally expected her to be clueless as to the title of the next book in the series and she wasn’t.

I was grateful.


~ by Woeful on February 5, 2007.

One Response to “Strange Days…”

  1. Physicians face this particular nemesis daily.
    Me: (over the hacking, bleeding man who is unable to speak but can easily flail his arms wildly and grab at things (like ties and genitals)) “Does he take any medications?”
    Wife: (strangely calm) “He takes a little white one, and a slightly larger oval one.”
    Me: Do you know what they’re for?”
    Wife: “No.”
    Me: “Does he have any medical problems? Any surgeries?”
    Wife: “No.”
    Me: (Opening his shirt to listen to his heart and lungs, finding the scar from a bypass operation) “What about this!? He’s had heart surgery!”
    Wife: “He did. His cardiologist told us everything was fine when we saw him last week.”
    *** Write down the medicines you take and keep it in your wallet, just on the off chance you end up in the ER and only the retarded can speak for you. Especially as this is what normally occurs.***
    If your IQ is over 100, I would also recommend knowing the diagnoses of your immediate family. It could actually save a life.. when the fit hits the shan, as it so predictably and tragically does.

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