Today began on a high note. I was getting a coffee, along with a bacon, egg, and cheese when I heard the voice of my best friend calling from behind. I turned around to begin some, “Why the hell are you here?” small talk, when from out of nowhere one of our vagrants reminds me not to forget the coffee I just paid for, “Thanks.”

I can’t even escape these people on my own time anymore…

Actually, as far as vagrants go, this one is near the top of the list. She’s an older leathery looking woman, with deep wrinkles the way a ships’ captain looks after an entire career at sea. I can’t imagine what her life is like, but by the looks of her it certainly hasn’t been easy. She mostly keeps to herself, and always says out of trouble, never wearing out her welcome, or taking the Library for granted. She’s okay. I don’t even consider her an Irregular. She’s just in a bad place. That said, I would prefer not dealing with any of our vagrants outside of the time I’m on the clock. So, I turn to my friend, and after some brief chit-chat excuse myself, since I need to open the Library and a great many things need tending to before that can actually happen.

10:00 AM rolls around, and as I’m unlocking the doors I realize that the automatic doors aren’t locked! The power to them is off, but they aren’t dead-bolted so anyone (like a vagrant looking for shelter) can simply push the doors open. What the F&#k? This isn’t good! It especially isn’t good since we recently had an incident where the custodian (the same one who forget to lock the door) found a vagrant asleep on one of our sofas WAY after we closed one night… Scaring the shit out of the custodian in the process. Then again, if the dumbass doesn’t lock the door this is exactly the kind of thing he should indeed, expect.

That particular vagrant, however, didn’t come in through an unlocked door. He deliberately, and stealthy hid from everyone as they were closing. When he finally thought it was safe, he decided to take a nap thinking the custodian was done cleaning. BUSTED. The custodian told the guy that he couldn’t stay for the night, and he left without incident. However, like I wrote, it really freaked the custodian out… As it should have, since some of these people have severe mental problems.

I know exactly how the vagrant ducked the staff, because the next day I reviewed the security feed and the cameras caught every sneaky move the guy made. The following evening, I did the final walk-through with a police officer just to send a message. As I explained to the officer, I can kick people out every night and it doesn’t bother them… They see a cop, and they remember it, it makes an impression that isn’t easily forgotten. So far, so good…


~ by Woeful on January 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Freakalicious!”

  1. What are the chances that I can come and hang out with you at work or better yet get a job there cause it sounds like a ton of fun to watch these folks its a hell of alot better than beinecke and cross campus at yale

  2. I know that many people are clamoring for my lifestyle, but believe you me, you don’t want any part of it. You’re better off walking over to Koffee Too and watching the customers while pretending to use their WiFi…

  3. […] I don’t live in the City proper. Sure, I have to deal with it on occasion, mostly either right before work, during my lunch hour, or directly after work if I stop in a nearby store for groceries or […]

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