Thank the Maker. I have the day off!

Yesterday was busy; very busy @ the Library. So busy in fact, I hardly even noticed our Irregulars. It was a hell of a week. That said, it was certainly better than last week. Last week began, and we had to call the police on a patron who passed out in the middle of composing an e-mail message… SMASH, his head hit the keyboard and he was out cold, drooling all over. The guy was a mess. When the cops came, they obviously knew him as they were on a first-name basis with the guy. They patted him down and found a white powdery substance, they also checked the bottle of water that he had. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t filled with water. They took him away…

The week ended when we found a large blood-soaked gauze bandage in the stacks, and discovered that one of our new catalog computers was missing its mouse. Who the fuck would steal a mouse? Anyway, when I found out about the bloody gauze, I suggested that maybe someone needed the mouse cord as a tourniquet. Who knows… Just another day in Libraryland.

~ by Woeful on January 19, 2007.

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