My "Favorite" Irregulars…

I’m not sure if I would consider, “Stuck-Out-Of-Time Man,” and the “Secret Agent,” to be my “favorite” anything, however, they certainly are the most interesting Irregulars we see on a regular basis:

Stuck-Out-Of-Time Man looks as if he was just run over by a city bus in front of the building. He appears as if he was dragged by the vehicle, and finally came loose in front of our door. He’s late 20-something, has long black hair, wears a full-length black leather coat that is gnarled on one side, and combat boots that are equally mangled. He uses a walking stick, and drags one leg as he walks about the Library. The first time he walked past me, I was looking at my coworkers like, “What the fuck is that!?” We also refer to him as, “Aqualung” since he vaguely resembles the man on the cover of the Jethro Tull album of the same name (sans the beard). Except this guy truly defies all description. Even if I had a photo it wouldn’t do him justice, you’d really need to see video footage of Aqualung to experience the full effect of his presence. He looks like something from the movie, “The Fisher King,” or like he just crawled up out of a WWI trench, or a medieval battlefield or something — Either way this guy clearly lost the fight… He was gimping around during the holiday season with a bell on his walking stick, so that with every labored step and drag, he jingled and jangled spreading joyous yuletidings far and wide.

The Secret Agent wears a coat, a fedora, and sunglasses. He shuffles around the building semi-hunched over, commenting each time he passes by that the Library is, “Spacious.” This is why we also refer to him as, “Mr. Spacious.” He strikes me as someone who would be profiled, pulled aside, and thoroughly searched at any mass transportation center inside or outside the Country. Although not quite the sight that Aqualung is, he can certainly more than holds his own in the, “out of the ordinary” department. As I reread this description, I realize that the essence of the Secret Agent can only be fully realized in a photograph. We don’t need video on this guy, an image would suffice. Sadly, I don’t have one, so I hope that you can glean some kind of basic understanding from the feeble description that I’ve provided here. The illustration I’ve included comes close, but he doesn’t wear a trench coat.

Neither of these guys seems dangerous, just tremendously unusual…


~ by Woeful on January 16, 2007.

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